Monday, 13 June 2011

Today my eyes are bleeding

I'm sad!!! I know the reasons why. Deep inside my heart....there is still very little piece of love. I know it's not that much but i believe it can be grow up. I shouldn't really love you anymore. But hey, guess know the reasons why. I used to say to you...i will love you now and forever and i still love you even though we are way apart and even though we are not together anymore. Deep inside my heart, i think i should really forget you....but i can't..i'm sorry. Well, the thing is you're my first love and as the song says, the first is the deepest. You gave m that cut and it was really deep. It was really hurt and i still can feel the pain. It's still bleeding my heart, even though it's not much but it's hurt and painful. Sometimes i was thinking maybe i should just go away from you. Well, i am doing it now. That's why when you asked me whether will be back to Malaysia in June or not, I said I don't know and I might not.

Deep inside my heart i still believe that we can be together but you were right when you said my future is very important. You were right when you said i have so much life in front of me. You won't stop me chasing my ambitions. You are still the great. Even though we are now just friends, i still think you are more than just a friend. But you are apart of my soul, brain and heart. You almost many parts of myself. You gave me everything i wanted. You shared so much memories to me. You gave me to much happiness as well as the sadness. But let's forget the sadness we had. Look, listen and think about all the happiness and laughs we shared before. You are still in me and i am still in love with you. It's not easy to forget your first lover. Now i understand why the first is the deepest.

I hope one day....i will be all right and let the time heal the graves.


Twilight said...

Oh so sad man.. !!

Stay strong man!...

Right one coming soon!

Hugs to you!

Arablosers said...

Tudung tu cuma dongeng orang arab bukannya wajib dari segi kehidupan.

Hanya lelaki yang menentukan pakaian wanita.

Lelaki Arab paksa perempuan mereka wajib pakai tudung bukan Allah.

Tuhan tak pun berkata.

Orang Eropah paksa perempuan mereka pakai skirt.

Orang jepun suka perempuan pakai mini skirt ala sailor moon.

Tapi yang pasti lelaki Arab adalah losers hehehe

Danny said...

maybe .. all u need is more time..
take care :)

Andrik McVean said...

twilight - thanks..i hope..
danny - maybe..just little bit more time :)

Farah-Zii said...

stay strong.. man cant loss because of woman..

nice blog here.. i think your blog will be my target to improve my english.. hehe

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...


Siti Suriani said...

erm.. i also so sad.. we have a same story.. :(

nway, strong man! :)

de engineur said...

bro, it's okay to still think of her when you're still single. But make up ur mind and when you are attached/married to someone else someday, pls part with the memories for good (or at least dont let it affect your current love).

Cheers, bro!

Andrik McVean said...

@de engineur - youre right! memories are beautiful tho...

miss.Addin said...

i understand . Addin pun pernah rasa . tapi tu semua mematang kan Addin & yet, it still bleeding . true

sergeant keroro said...

chill bro, let the time heal everything.

visit here too, and follow. nice blog bro :)

Zul Fattah said...

be strong dude..

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