Friday, 17 June 2011

Short hiking in Aberaron, Wales

On the cliff

The harbor
I love all the boats

Small town but all the houses are big lol!

I bet not many malaysian know where is wales and i bet many of you think that UK is a country which is totally wrong. I used to think exactly the same but when i came here in 2009 i started to realise and some of my British friends explain about UK. So guys and girls, UK contains of three countries which are England, Wales and Scotland but all of these countries are under Queen Elizabeth II monarchy. However, each of these countries are very distinctive especially their languages. All of them do speak English of course but Walsh people and Scottish have their own language. Anyway, i am currently in Wales which is a country in north England but south Scotland. I am on holiday at the moment and enjoying myself. Before i had my run this afternoon i had my short hiking then i found a nice place to do my running. Then i did it! Anyway back to the topic of this post, Aberaron is just small village of maybe town and it has very nice harbor. Based on what i have seen this afternoon, this town is resides by wealthy families because it seems like every family has a car and a sailing boat. I remember a friend of mine who is living in Malaysia and he has a sailing boat. He said he bought his sailing about for about RM300k! Gezzzzz!!!!!


emmajean said...

tq follow my blog!! i follow u back... leave a comment at my blog k ???

gedek! said...


in my dream lah...


faLiaa said...

hi~ello here ^^

Twilight Man said...

United Kingdom is such a lovely place! Live there and don't come home ok.

Ieka Luvika said...

weeewhh! this is so cool! :)
never been there. u're so lucky ^^

Twilight Man said...

In overseas, it is affordable for average families to own luxury cars and boats. In Malaysia you need to be orang-orang kaya & kenamaan to own them!

Andrik McVean said...

@emmajean - thanks emma..will sure do it


@falia - ello

@twilightman - yup..u exactly right..i think because their currency is so expensive compared to RM

@leka luvika- u should come here then...hahahah

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