Thursday, 16 June 2011

It's London's view from the south

Nice colours composition

The building in the middle is still under construction and gonna be the highest in Europe
It's nearby the river and it reminds me about Kuching sarawak.

London is one of the biggest cities in the world but honestly i don't know what do they mean biggest city. Does it means by the number of population? because London has around 30millions people? Yes from all over the world of course. Anyway, here are the pictures were taken by a friend of mine in London from his apartment. So basically the view from his flat patio (not a balcony) is like this. Maybe some of you wonder what is patio and what is balcony. They are similar but patio has a bigger space and balcony is just a tiny little space. Patio is something like you can even put a garden on it. So it's actually very big space. Anyway, London is beautiful but i must say that it does not have many sky crappers or high raise buildings like KL or maybe Hong Kong. The thing is London has airport in the middle of the city they called it London city airport. That is why every single building has its height limit.


Sabahan Bloggers Club said...

30 millions? Almost the same as Malaysian population. hihihi....

Firdaus Life said...

airport in the middle of the city ? sounds cool :D

missyaya (: said...

hi there ! thanks a million for came n followed my blog . here i come to visit n follow u back ! ((:
i admire ur blog very much ! it's awesome ! keep it up . (:

Twilight Man said...

I like your photos! You should frame them up on the walls like an avant garde composition. I know what I am talking coz I studied advertising arts in US. I love London as I had a great time with my friends. Next year I might visit again. London is rated as one of the biggest cities covering all the boroughs of NSEW Greater London. Got it?
You should visit Manhattan and you might faint after getting dizzy seeing the buildings and crowd. Crazee nia!

zulkbo said...

look nice from picture
sure more nice if real..

Andrik McVean said...

@sabahan bloggers - yup..almost...heheh

@freaky - yes it is cool actually

@misyaya - thanks for your visit and will visit ur blog again

@twilight man - thank you and will let my friend know that you like his pictures

@zulkbo - much nice :)

wan_cikgumuzik said...

your blow very awesome.. now i follow you back... thanks visit my blog.. happy bloging..

Anonymous said...

bilelah nak sampai sane... dah kerja nanti kot.. =)

Sunah Sakura said...

da lama da follow blog ni, dari yang 1st andrik datang suh follow hari tu lagi...btw, thanks datang blog.. :)

AngelineJ said...

Thanks for sharing the photos.

It's nice to see London from a different angle.

I miss London... I wish I can go back and visit there again, with the whole family!

Andrik McVean said...

@wan- thnks..happy blogging to u too

@she's gee - up..u will get the chance

@ sunah - thanks for visiting me again

@ angeline - yup..i want to cpture the view from the london eye

Anonymous said...

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