Saturday, 11 June 2011

Konsert akhir af9 - AF9 final concert - The Results

In few hours time, Konsert akhir AF9 will be on the air. Yeah!!!!!! I'm not a big fan of this reality TV show anymore. But i was one of the fanatic fans and used to spend RM10 at least every concert. But now...............oh nooooo!!!!!! Boring already and all the gimmicks and the plans are predictable. But nevermind, i've heard that this is the last AF? really? So no more AF10? which means no more uji bakat AF10? Well, i think it's wise for Astro to stop this program and change o something else. I mean another program . Why not? What happened to Malaysian Idol? and OIAM? OK..ok....i need to go out in a minute and need to buy something for my lunch. There are meats in the fridge but i am currently watching my calories intake very carefully. Why? Because i have gained 3KGs since i came to the UK in 2009. NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I need to get back to 65KGs which is my very best look (LOL!). Next week i am going to wales and Scotland and gonna climb mountains there. So more pictures will be coming up next! He..he..he...he....Let's see how's the AF9 final concert will go and let's see if there is a 'kezzutannnn'!!!!!! See how the results gonna be! Don't forget in few more hours it will start. I can't watch it lively but i will be watch it on youtube. Got to go....:-)


sailaaf said...

aik. konsert akhir will be on tomorrow night.. not tonight..hehe

Unknown said...

wah your english make me shock

i cant write like you in english

Twilight Man said...

UK has lovely weather and nice parks to jog! Go exercise sikit laaa! I never watched that program before and I think I should.

~~su manje~~~ said...

salam ziarah pagi...
tgh promote blog baru ..kalau ada kelapangan dan sudi nak explore blog sumanje...disini


Thanks sudi singgah......

Andrik McVean said...

@sukasuki - yup! it's today (sunday). TQ

@Miss ren - thanks..and am still learning

@Twilight- maybe the final concert worth to watch it but not the weekly concert anymore

@su manje - thanks..i will visit

Unknown said...

rasanya lepas AF9 ni, ASTRO akan buat reality show baru kot..
mybe Malaysian Got Talent..
huhhhuh :)

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