Sunday, 26 June 2011

A monkey on the tree in the UK

Tiring..can;t remember when i did it last


Wow..i enjoyed it

I just finished it and asked my friend to take a picture

it was quite high

This post is the continues of my post about my jungle tracking. When we were in the jungle i just suddenly wanted to get on on the tree. I just wanted to test my skills if i still can do it. When i was a little boy i used to go up on trees every day which i find it very enjoyable and i like the fact that when i was on a tree i look above many things. LOL! Anyway, it was quite difficult to be on the tree and to climb it because the branches and tree are full with mosses and it makes the tree's surface slippery. But i managed to do it. Yeah!!!!!

P/s: Not many young people in the UK can do this thing you know? Because they fill up themselves with junk food.


Ceiler Mun said...

fuyooo.. tinggi tuh! heheeh!!~

saya masa kecil2 dulu boleh la panjat pokok. bila dah besar terus rasa gayat. hehee!!~


ummuhanis said...

uih. tingginye.

Firdaus Life said...

pandai panjat... x pernah nak lepas kalau panjat pokok =_=

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

fuyooo, u're such a cool man...hebat! haha.

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

wooowwww, u're such a cool man!

Unknown said...

pokok paling tinggi yang aku boleh panjat ialah pokok serai.

Hans Hanis said...

hebat la leh panjat pokok tinggi2
body cantik bro

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CXopportunities said...

already tag you for my new entry for GA .. tq! =)

Mawar Berduri said...

heyyyy.. watch ur feet bro!

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