Thursday, 16 June 2011

Roasting a duck - yummy!!!

These are all the ingredients i've used

Arghhh...lovely duck!!!

OMG!!! I do love duck..don't you?
So boring folks!! The weather is changing from shinny to gloomy..just like my feeling actually. Sometimes shinny and sometimes gloomy. Awwww!!!! When my feeling is shinny i will do some cooking but when it was gloomy i will have a nap. I am still thinking and waiting. Thinking about my PhD proposal..a PhD? really? am i really going to do that? Well, it seems like. Well, yes i am going to do. Well..i don't know...gezzzzzz...what the hell am talking about? arghhhh....i don't know why. I will just wait and see. I am 25 and i know i can do my PhD. Some people did their PhD when they were 21 years old. I knew someone who did his PhD when he was 21. Well..i am 25 and i am very certain i can do it. feeling was happy yesterday just like the weather. So i roasted a whole duck. Awwwwww...For some reasons, i don't know how i managed fix the oven. It's didn't work at the begging but at last it worked. Wow!! Blimey!!! Pity enough because i was very hungry and forgot to take pictures when the duck was roasted. I actually having duck rice last night. It was very very nice. Loved it so much !!


Twilight said...

Quack! Quack! You didn't post your finished & roasted duck to drool me.. LOL..

I am sure you will get your Phd for sure, no worries!

アヌム ちゃん said...

Hi Andrik! visiting u here :) nice blog you are so young and now thinking bout your phd? great! i never tried duck before.dont know what it taste like. but i think i preffered chicken :P have a nice day!

Miss Ran said...


tak penah masak macam ni

erk kat atas sekali ada tulis follow

mayber button follower bawah hilang hehe

AdyBudika said...

blog ko superb!!!!!!!!!!! izinkan aku memperkenalkan pada kawan2 aku...

tia @ Ini Kisah Tia said...

sekurang2nya , kamu dah boleh masak sendri :)

Shamsuddin Amin said...

dulu x suke itik...
skrg ni dah suke...
rase manis je... hehe

[k]o{q}i[n] said...

please someone describe to me about the taste of it.. kinda 50-50 either wanna try or not.. huhuhu

*btw, ady wtpe kt sini..??

Andrik McVean said...

@twilight - yeah i forgot to post it actually...hahahaha

@アヌム ちゃん - thanks! yup i am thinking about my phd and might be doing it this coming sept

@miss ran...memang gemok..makin gemok makin sedap hahaha

@adybudika- thanks ya

@tia - yup..i've cooking since i was 9 yo

@shamsudin - best kan itik..betul tuh..rasa manis

@ [k]o{q}i[n] - rasa manis and lebih sedap dari ayam

Cik Purple said...

Itik?? addadah~~ ndak penah sa makan oo.. cam sedap pulak kn..??? :) btw,thanks 4 folow me up! :) folow u oedy bro!;)

fyna said...


fyna blogwalking and follow ur blog.

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