Monday, 27 June 2011

Aberarth Jungle tracking

There was a small waterfall in the stream and decide to take a picture

This is without zoom

We found a swing and thought i would have a try. I loved it. LOL!

Thought i should try to climb the this tree

This is the starting path i guess

After my 5Kms running on the coastal cliff this afternoon i had my lunch and decided to have a jungle tracking as suggested by a friend of mine. Initially we wanted to see the cottage owned by a witch about 100 years ago. The thing is that the cottage has been left for years and no body bother to find it. Well, my friend and I decided to try it. Well at last we couldn't find the cottage (we should really bring the map with us). Anyway, along the journey there were so many interesting plants and things which i never seen before. I love the stream and there are salmons fish in the stream. I soaked my legs in the stream and it was bloody cold. Enjoy the pictures of mine when i was having my jungle tracking guys. Like it please if you like :-)


Anonymous said...

nice one lah dr.jungle hihi

Bella Bell said...

wahhhh.. bestnya dapat terbang cam tu.. hahhaha..


org muo said...

selamat berkenalan..salam persahabatan :)

Amiirah-Cassan said...

wow, you really had fun ! hehe

Andrik McVean said...

@maisarah - thanks ya!

@bella bella - terbang? hahahhaha..bergayut

@org muo - salam perkenalan

@Amirah - yup..i do love having fun hahaha

niena shopping2u said...

best nye dpt wat camtu :)

Mila Ahmad said...

can i speak malay??haha...mcm xgoOd sangat when i write in english...cantik view kat citu hijau jerk..coOl...:)

FasiHaH SupiaN said...

It seems that u love nature Andrik :) but I love nature too...this place very beautiful, owsem!!

sukasuki said...

u look very kacak la..haha =)

dyg said...

i really like jungle tracking too.,nice shot..wonder how the cottage look now.,grrr

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