Thursday, 16 June 2011

Cader Idris mountain climbing

On top of the mountain

Beautiful lake

Nearby the waterfall

Hello to all bloggers,
From London i came up to another country in the UK called Wales nearby Scotland. This is a beautiful country and for those who like mountain hiking/climbing this is one of the very best popular country and need to be visited. I have been to Scotland as well and yes the country is stunning and beautiful country sides. I have just got back from my mountain hiking and i must say that the route i took today was one of the most difficult i ever had and guess took 5 hours and 30 minutes climbing non stop up and down. This was my second time and the first time i did was last year and it was pretty tough but it wasn't a tough as today's climbing because we took the different route. It was quite a long route but i did enjoy it very much. Now i am taking a rest and tmrw which is Thursday i will be doing my favorite activity which is coffee time on town!!!! My favorite cafe here in the UK is Costa which is similar like Starbucks but i don't like Starbucks because their coffees are so bitter. Costa has better taste and smoother.

Anyway folks i will post more pictures today as i need to go to bed first. I am pretty tired at the moment because i just had my long walk. I cooked nice dinner just now for me and my friend and now i am updating this blog with a cup of tea next to me. LoL!


ABU said...

orang sabah bah ni kan..:)

Eera Shera said...

hi..thx for viewing my blog.follow u.. long u have been stay in uk?jealous~~hehe

PCL said...

sesuatu yg baru bagi PCL jika berkesempatan mountain hiking activity cm ni..di negara sendiri pn blm lg apatah lagi negara orang...

nice..sungguh mengujakan.



ishiko said...

woaaaa... bestnyaa..
have u been at Broga Hills?? ^^

Andrik McVean said...

@ABU - sabah

@Eera shera - i have been here since 2009

@PLC - nanti ada masa gak tuh


ishiko- never been to the hill but i have been to kinabalu mountain

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