Monday, 20 June 2011

Duck time with fantastic red sauce

A roasted duck for two? Too much!

It took 2 hours to do this
And finally!!!! I am so happy with the dish. I want to cook a similar dish again.

Cooking is one of my favourite dishes and i just love cooking. I have been cooking since i was 9 years old and started to get involved with cooking seriously when i was 13 years old. I love cooking because for me it's like experimenting especially when you need to mix up the ingredients. It's fascinating to see and taste the outcome. Mmmmmm...i roasted a duck and decorated it beatifully and i just loved the taste. I also cooked buttered rice which tasted so nice!!!'s like eating duck rice instead of chicken rice. I really loved it and this is one of my best dishes i ever cooked. It's so easy to roast the duck in the oven because all you need to do it just make the sauce and put all the ingredients into the duck and put it into the oven then leave it for two hours. Really nice!!!!! Wanna try some??? come to my place and i will cook a whole duck for you. Now i can't wait to go back to malaysia and introduce this recipie to my family. Yummyyyyy!!!!!


vampire's lovex said...

wahhh suka memasak ?? bagus nyeeee... hehe terliur dah tgk makanan nih...

zarul farhana said...

cm sdap ja
t blnja ek

LM said...

pasti lbh hebat memasak dr LM menarik !

Andrik McVean said...

@lovex - yup i love cooking

@LM - not sure i am a beginner hahaha

@ Of course..i mean really delicious :)

Efa Nur said...

yummyy..yummmyy..!! hehehe :D

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