Tuesday, 14 June 2011

AF9 finalists new singles review - my ranking

Holla...i am back again with my crazy review. I know i am not an expert but my review is honestly based on my personal opinions. First of all i must admit that i love all the new singles but it i can't deny the fact that i like the most and followed by just like and just ok and not bad, etc. I didn't know that they already have their singles. Anyway my first review is based my ranking (decreasing okay...). Which mean from just okay until i like the most. Jeng jeng jeng....

5. Hazama - Well do not surprise... and do not blame me or hate me especially hazama's fans. I am sorry but i have heard his new single twice and i feel like this sort of song is not for him. I find his song is difficult to follow and i've tried to familiarise my ears with the melody but it just didn't work. Honestly, as AF9 champion i really think he deserves a better song with a better melody. Honestly..folks...but my review of his song is also based on my British friend who listens all sort of songs. But he even said the song isn't that great.

My score + my british friend's score = 6 + 4 = 10/20 (just passed!!!)

4. Azri- Yeah...you guys surprised again? LOL! I am sorry but there are some parts of her song i really like and there are some parts i find it just didn't match each other. I really like the first two stanzas of the song tho and the i find the chorus is a bit overdone and i find it just a bit repetation the melody. My british friend said it's a typical malay/indon song which i kind of agree. He was pointed out the chorus and yes i do agree about his comment.

My score + my british friend's score = 7 + 5.5 = 12.5/20 (it was okay)

3. Lena - Wow!!!!!! don't say you hate me now...especially lena's fans. Honestly i find her new single also a bit like azri. I mean, this is very much typical malay/indon song. In fact we kind of agree that the chorus didn't match very well with the intro. But one thing tho, compared to Azri's new single, it doesn't have many repetition melody at the chorus.

My score + my british friend's score = 7.5 + 6 = 13/5 (not bad)

2. Fina. Yup. Among all the AF9 finalists' new singles i find fina's song is the best in the term of melody. Honestly, it's a beautiful song and very nicely done. Especially the chorus, it makes the song has its backbone. Really...it's so easy to follow the melody. I played it twice and i can remember the melody at the chorus already. It's really easy to listen and i kind of very familiar with the song. Really good job and nicely done.

my score + my british friend's score = 8 + 7 = 15/20 (Good job and well done!!)

***********And my first choice with no bias review and based on the total scores of mine and my friend************************

1. Nera - yup! it's nera's new single. I must admit that i have played her new single 16 times and it's still playing. It's a wonderful lyrics and melody. What else can i say? it's perfect for her vocal with a fantastic melody arrangement. Even the lyric i must say it's really beautiful and if you're really in it. It could make you to cry. Really..i must say this is one of the saddest songs i ever heard. Watching the clip and the listening to the lyrics and melody it almost make me cry. I must give a spring salute to the composer or whoever the writer this song. It's a beautiful song!

my score + my british friend's score = 9.5 + 8.5 = 18/20 (excellent and outstanding piece of work!!!!)


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Sabahan Bloggers Club said...

I don't really like AF since its only a place for the good lookings singers. I know many talented singer who has been rejected by AF before and doing well in Malaysia music industry.

Unknown said...

erk betul cakap yyu..memang ade tak kena pada lagu..erk mmg mls la

Anne B. said...

hi Andrick, thanks for visiting my blog. already follow u too :)

NadiRah said...

hye!!! followed u back!!

Ct Aja said...

thanx folo me...folo u back...

Hans Hanis said...

I don't watching this last season because I felt so bored when I see the 1st episode..
btw..The new song from Hazama is nice for me

Header Baru Blog Hans....Comel Tak?

Unknown said...

i'm done following you :)

Ceiler Mun said...

AF? :)

akubiomed said...

I never follow AF9 contestant. Maybe nothing really attract me stay hook to watch their singing. Anyway congrats to Hazama after 5 year waiting now he is AF Champ

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