Wednesday, 22 June 2011

North west visit in Scotland

Lake and its beautiful mountain and forest

You can see the river on the valley

Another lake with its hills and mountain

This is the lake surrounded with mountains

Just imagine driving and in front of you is a beautiful view like on the picture

These are my pictures in Scotland. That time i was very nusy doing my master's project but
for some reasons i still managed to climb a mountain and visited few places in Scotland such as dankel, Ben Nevis, Skye and fourth william. There places are hidden beauty of Scotland. Once again you need a friend who know about these places. Ha..ha...ha...otherwise you will ended up in Edinburgh which is the capital city of Scotland. Well, if you are into city then Edinburgh is actually an ideal place for you but if you like both like me, i will spend my time in the city and also in the country side. I love both city side and country side. Anyway we went to north west Scotland and not many tourists know these places unless you have friends. These places are probably among the most beautiful places i ever been. I have been dreaming to go places like this but when i was in KL and Penang i never had the chance. All i can see is the pictures. But i had the chances and i used it. These places show they have mountains, rivers, lakes and beautiful forest as well.

P/s: Seriously breathtaking.........never seen these view in flesh. All i've seen before were pictures of these sort of beautiful views but never in real. But since i come to the UK in 2009 I decided myself to explore it. Found it and as i said before breathtaking!!!


Met bUjang said...

Cantik dan nice ! Tenang jea :)

syuwai said...

so beutifl !

btw had fllow u bl0g ;)

Ayu said...

Hi there Andrik,
thank you for visiting & leaving footprints in my have yourself a nice blog here..glad to follow you too..

Danny said...

it's really a very calming scenery...:)

AtiQah said...

thanx following.. ^^

bicara mak dara said...

wow.. nice view!! i wish one day i can go to Scotland

Unknown said...

msti brbelit2 lidah speaking kat sana an? huhu best2 :)

Unknown said...

cantik sangat!

♥ 미스 kiera ♥ said...

hi. folow u back. thanks yea babe! :)

gadisBunga™ said...

i am a country person. so i love scenery like this sooo much!

Andrik McVean said...

@met bujang - yup so peaceful kan..

@syuwai - thanks for following my blog

@ayu- no problem and hope you will visit this blog again soon

@Danny -'re right

@atiqah - no problem

@adza - one day you will

@saiazuan - hahahahaha

@alinac lover - thank you

@ctiey - thank you

@gadis bunga - i love country side's so beautiful

Nina Mirza said...

hi Andrik,
the view sooo nice & luvly !!
hope 1day i'll be there . . . .

Efa Nur said...

nice..!! :)

hye Andrik..
efa dtg folow sini..hehe :D
Jom Terjah Sini :)

Tanakwagu said...

punya cantik. kasi tapau tu salji :)

Amir Aidid said...

wow . such a nice views you got here . :)

i wish one day , i will be there :D

αяfaekα αямαɴd said...

Wahhh!! Cantik nya!! SCC singgah dari blog Abg Ben Ashaari ;)) Follow awak jugaa ..

Andrik McVean said...

@themucks - thanks for dropping by

@ AME - you will have the chance one day

@tanak wagu - nanti cair suda tuh..hahaha

@efanur - thanks for dropping by will visit your blog

@nina - yes the view is superb

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