Friday, 3 June 2011

Akademi fantasia 9 final 2011

Since Mentor was very powerful compared Akademi fantasia final i guess i didn't know anything about Akademi fantasia 2011. Well, Salma made mentor to another level and seems like Akademi fantasia is going down. I think one of the reasons is because the quality. I mean comparing AF with some other reality TV shows such as Mentor and OIAM, AF's quality is way behind. Not all but i have to say most of the students are actually not the good. Just very little students who did very well in akademi fantasia. But hey, guess what...Stacy, Aizat, Rich, Adam, Zahid, adira, hafiz are among the names which are very well known in Malaysia. I think among all of the the ex students akademi fantasia, stacy is still the best. Anyway..who will be the winner of akademi fantasia 9 2011 in the final. Well, it's still very early to predict but i guess Lena has the chance to win the votes from the public. Mmmm....

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