Saturday, 11 June 2011

I just want to eat Mee Tuaran

Arghhhh!!!! I want to go back to sabah!! Please...i want to eat mee tuaran desperately. I feel like UK is full of boring-ness already LOLS! I feel like i want to eat all the traditional dishes in sabah. What should i do? I want to go out later to tesco or maybe waitrose or maybe asda. I will try my best to find the mee tuaran's ingredients. Mmmmmm...then...yes..i want to cook mee tuaran. I want it so badly.......arghhhh......i want it so badly...i want to go back to sabah...the only place that can satisfy my appetite. lols! Yes...even though i am joking but it's true...i don't like the food here in the UK. Boring and taste-less.....i love sabahan food..yummyyyy....i want to go to penang as well and eat their curry noodles. I love curry noodles very much. Yummyyyy!!!!!!!!

Since i came here in the UK about 1.5 years ago, i think i gained 2 KGs. Oh NO!!!! The food here are more sugar, calories and fats. YUCKS!!!! Compared to the food in Asia they are healthier and less sugar, fats and calories. That's why so many people here in the UK are FAT! Am sorry but that's the fact. Where ever i go i will see fat people...not to blame them tho...errrrrrrr....shall i blame the "KFC and McDonald" ? mmmmm....well..think about it.


sailaaf said...

mee tuaran? first time heard about does it taste?

Andrik McVean said...

@sukasuki - from my experience..i have tried many types of mee goreng and i have to say this is my top 3 best ever..or maybe the best among the's only available in in sabah unfortunately..

Okayarms said...

Dude, I like your blog very much... I like how there is at least a picture with every entry ;D

And ya, I miss Sabah too! Damn.

About the fatty ones, you should blame McDonald's definitely.

Uji Rafizan Hussein said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.I follow you.

Ismail N said...

well well now u sounds like me. the different is I'm in KK and I miss mee bandung muar.. :D

Andrik McVean said...

@Armstrong- thanks..and McD are fattening lol

@scarlett - thanks ya :)

@Ismail - sometimes we always miss something from a particular place especially where we come from

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