Thursday, 9 June 2011

iCloud- new technology from Apple

Well, i first heard about cloud computing when a non IT friend of mine told me about it. He asked me whether i'v heard about cloud computing before and i said no i never. It was so embarassing because i my academic qualification is Computer science but never heard about it. Well, once he told me a bit about cloud computing i searched it on the internet and started my reading. sounds very interesting but of course the biggest problem is the internet connection. I am an apple lover and yes i love apple products because of its designs and realiability of course. In fact, i am updating this blog at the moment using my apple laptop and my Acer laptop is upstairs which i use as my main desktop. So what cloud computing could benefits you then?
1. Cloud computing means you don't have to store the programs on your hard drive anymore. Previously, you have to install every single program that you want to use on your hard drive. This means the more programs you may want to use the more hard drive space you need. In some cases, you may need to delete some of the installed programs to give additional spaces for the new program that you want to install.
2. Using iCloud means you don't have to worry about the possibility of the program that you want to install infacted by computer viruses, thus slow down your computer performance.
3. iCloud save you hard disk space. Yes of course! as i said before you don't have to install Ms Office on your hard drive anymore. Just call via the internet and you can use it.
4. No more installations hustles.

But i was thinkng how successfull this could be? Here are some drawbacks ...
1. Internet connection. I have tried this one on my friend's laptop and the main problem is that if your internet connection is not fast enough, iCloud could be unrealiable.
2. Ms word for example, so many people are using it every where. Unfortunately not every place has internet connection.
3. Hackers??? I think the idea is when ever you use it you have to download it via the internet. But just imagine if someone is successfully planted a virus into the program. Is that mean that in just few seconds who ever gonna use the program will get the virus also?
4. Speed??? If the program is accessed by millions people simultaneously? would it be the same speed to download?

They said, iCloud is a new way to store and access your content but the main concern is that people want to get access his stuffs every time without time or any constraints. If you are using iCloud you can access only if your laptop is connected with the internet.

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