Sunday, 26 June 2011

Colourful beautiful hair for ladies

Ha....someone emailed to me this picture! He said ask your gf or your wife later to try it out. LOL! Isn't it funny? you ladies can try this out. Honestly in London when you go out at night you will see this sort of hair. I mean the the girls here...most of of them have lost their mind (opppsss..shall i say?) or maybe because it's a trend or fashion? Well, maybe but not for me tho. It looks funny and you will look like a clown. Yes like a clown! I remembered when i went to London last month with my other friends, i saw there was a group of girls had this sort of hair. It looks funny but they didn't care what the other people say about them. In fact, they didn't looked embarrassed at all but looked so proud of themselves. Well, i never seen someone in KL had this sort of hair. But in London's all over the place.


sukasuki said...

alamak..sangat cantik!! like a rainbow..lalalalaa

Bella Bell said...

ewwww.. apakah?? hahaahhaha!!~

adehhh... memang macam badut pulak saya tengok :)


belogkiter said...

never ;)

schaze zainn said...

im not sure whether im suitable for this kind of fashion..hihi

dyanne said...

that's hideous! hahahah~ well, different people have diff views aite? huhu >.<

bibi bibo said...

hahah , seriously ? it really look like a clown .

saiazuan said...


Mawar Berduri said...

for them, it just a trend.. n for us, it's a weird.. :)

ishiko said...

wauw.. kalerfull.. like my blog.. hehee

Nina Mirza said...

Nice !! i like it

Andrik McVean said...

@sukasuki - yup memang also like it

@bell bell - clown..

@belogkiter - never? hahaha

@schaze - i like to try tho

@dyanne - yup diff people have different views

@bibi - does look like a clown

@saiazuan - mantaps stylenya

@mawarberduri - yup..for them it's like a trend..but for us memang weird

@ ishio - hahaha...

@nina - me too..i like

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