Sunday, 12 June 2011

Result Final Piala FA 2011: Kelantan Vs Terengganu

I forgot where did i get this pic...I should credit the owner

Was it last night? yeah if i not mistaken it was last night the FA cup 2011 and the result or maybe the luck goes to "Penyu team" or Terengganu team. Congratulations to them yeah! Exciting to see the Final Piala FA 2012? you think the turtle team can stay as the next champion? we will see. I didn't watch the final at all and i must admit that i am not a fan of football. I do play many types of sports but not football. I don't know why because i used to play a lot when i was a boy. In fact i used to play with my friends started at 3 PM ('s bloody hot!) and finished our game at 7 PM. We used to play on the peddy field because the football field usually occupied by our the seniors that time. Anyway, i don't know why the heck i'm writing about football because i never wrote it before. But probably because this is one of the biggest events in Malaysia?

p/s: I should really think about my PhD proposal before the latter o offer will arrive next month. Then i have to renew my visa since it will expire this coming NOV (from my master degree). I just finished my master last month and my brain is still resting. I've tried to wake him up and he said he's sleepy. LOL!


Anonymous said...

hye dear..tq sudi jenguk myblog....rjin2 er follow lps ni ek...slm perkenalan...slmt berblogging..

Sharinginfoz said...

not a good game but as a fan we should accept the result

Haryati Molly @ Tunung said...

I am not a fan of Malaysia Football though I am big of Manchester United & Barcelona but I think I like Terengganu better than Kelantan team.. I don't watch the FA 2011 final at all hehehehe.. Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog & become my follower! I followed you back already, so do expect my next visit ya!

hehe said...

Nasib baikla Terengganu yang menang. Malas aku tenguk Nik Aziz pun nak pegang piala tu.

Awak tu ulama tk yalah sibuk dgn duniawi ni muahahaha....

Andrik McVean said...

@ciknyz - yup i will do

@sharinginfoz - i didn't watch it but i hope the results are acceptable

@Haryati - thanks for following my blog...see you again

@hehe - lol!

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