Monday, 27 June 2011

Summer Ball event 2011 UH

Very stylish. I love this picture
I gained 2KGs since i came here. You might notice i am chubbier

It was few week ago. I think 2 weeks ago. Well, I was in pink shirt with my black reddish waistcoat together with my blue dark jeans and black leather shoes. Wow..what can i say? i think i was the only one in the ball wore this sort of fashion. Some did very well as well but none of them i seen wore pink with black waistcoat. So basically i was unique that night. I had so much fun with my friends and with the other girls. I really loved the event. In Malaysia, we don't have such events. But here it's so open and so many things you can do easily. But even though they are so open about many things, the academic things are still on top of everything. This makes the universities here in the UK are always visited and first choice by international students. I remembered the university in Malaysia. It was UiTM well..bloody boring.

You can't do these and that which i understand. Because of religion reasons. But that's fine for me. Still be very thankful to UiTM. The university is actually the my future's gateway. I re-stared everything from there when i didn't do very well with my SPM or in the UK equivalent to GCSE. Instead of taking STPM (in the UK is A-Level) i took diploma in computer science. Everything was started from there. i am here in the UK and just finished my Master and hopefully will be doing my PhD in few months time.


amnie azmira said...

nice pink ^_^

Andrik McVean said...

@amnie azmira - yup...i like pink too hahah

Lulu Caldina said...

mana ada chubbylah..ekeke

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