Sunday, 10 October 2010

10.10.10 what does it means in Computer science

10th of OCT 2010
10 OCT 2010

Today is 10.10.10 but have you ever think, it means differently in computer science? me 10.10.10 or 101010 in computer science is A8 in alphabet but in number it means 10 and 8.

In computer science 1010 = either 10 or A -> Eq1
In computer science 1000 = 8 ->Eq2

Therefore : 10.10.10 = Eq1 + Eq2 = 10/A8

In Software engineering 10/A8 means advanced motions control

As a conclusion Computer science creates software engineering with advanced motions control. This means software engineering is an advanced motions field.

Now you wonder what i'm talking about...never mind..only Computer scientists know what i mean.

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