Friday, 22 October 2010

Imagine this

OMG!!!! Lovely fish

I copied this picture from an album of my friend on facebook. Huh...I will give him a credit. Type in wendy anddy and you will find his profile. Anyway..just imagine how nice this one!! You can touch the fish and the fish will suck/bite your legs smoothly. It's like having a massage in a pool but done by fish. Well, well..just imagine how wonderful. I think this picture is taken somewhere in Ranau Sabah. I'm not sure because it could be somewhere else but i am certain it's in Sabah. I had the plan to do this thing when i was in Sabah but i was so busy with many different things. At last i just leave it and of course i will try to do it next time when i get back to Sabah.

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