Monday, 25 October 2010

What is education?

Nowadays, Education is very important and it is a weapon for some people to determine their feature. Everybody concerns about their feature and of course education is not everything but everybody needs education as a first step in their life. When we talk about education, do not misunderstand about what education is. Education could be in two forms which are informal and formal education. The informal education is something that we learned through life experience. Formal education is something that we learn from a teacher or tutor. Formal education has different levels such as primary, secondary and university. They are so many universities from all over the world such as Oxford University, Cambridge University, Walden University, and many others. They offer different levels of certificates such as diploma, bachelor degree, master degree and doctorate level.

In fact they are many different recognized organisations offer doctorate level, master degree and bachelor degree. Over the years, the internet technology has changed rapidly and students’ life becoming easier in the terms of searching information. For example, The Chronicle of higher education is an example of website offers so many information about education. By browsing this website you can find news, opinions, idea, facts, figures, jobs and advice. In fact they have forums to as a discussion platform for all registered users.

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