Monday, 18 October 2010

Oh at last!!! I feel relief now after my test

Wow!! At last I feel so relief now after I have been so busy for my test in the last 72 hours. I put so much effort on it because the I want to do the best for my first test. I always believe that if you did the best it will lead you to do the best for the next test. It's like a spirit for in your first attempt. If you did it well in your first attempt it will push your spirit when you going to do the second attempt. I just hope it pays off for what i have done. I really want to get a distinction with my master degree. Anyway I felt a bit disappointed this afternoon to myself because I changed my answer last minutes. I should get the right answer but because i was not sure i changed it to something else. Well, never mind!!!! I blamed myself because i didn't read that particular article in detail. I was like jump from one paragraph to another. So what I've got was uncertainty to my answer and a wrong answer. Shitt!!! I was very upset. But now I am OK. He..he..he..

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