Friday, 29 October 2010

Halloween costume safety

Guest post written by Danny Earnhart

As much as I like to run around and scare my kids in these kooky looking Halloween masks, I prefer for them not to wear stuff like that because it's harder for them to see and breath in them and it's already tough enough to see out in the daylight so I let them buy them, just not wear them out at night.

I was online the other day trying to come up with some scary looking Halloween makeup ideas to put on my two boys who want to dress up as zombies when I saw some info about a wireless internet service and decided to order clear 4g internet because it seemed like it would be better than the service we've been using forever.

I found all kinds of great costume safety resources and ordered some Halloween makeup that will be great for the zombie costumes. I showed the stuff to my boys and they approved of it once my wife did a practice test on them with it.

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