Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Good bye to my contact lenses

I've got 3 pairs of contact lenses but a pair of them was worn out. Or you can say expired already. I bought those 3 pairs when I was in Sabah last summer and I paid RM50 if i not mistaken. I over used this first pair because I forgot how many time I have been wearing them. So it's time to wear my new pair of contact lens. My worst experience with contact lens was I accidentally torn one of them at first the time. I didn't know how to handle them and I was very rough that time and stupidly I made a holy and torn it. Silly me!!! The next day my sister showed to me how to handle them and look after them lol! It was embarrassing.


SUE J BROOKS aka SJB. said...

Saya pun pakai contact lenses. kadang malas juga mahu urus. kalau saya guna, sakit betul tu mata.

Contact Lenses said...
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