Monday, 11 October 2010

My Chancellor's International Scholarship event

I am in the university's library at the moment and when i logged into my gmail account i saw this email from Katie. Well, i am one of the international scholarship receivers among of 800 applicants and only about 90 students have been selected. I'm one of them..oh well!! Thanks to the University. I'm not sure how how many students got the scholarship from IT and Technology department. Anyway, the thing is i'm not sure if i want to attend it or not. I don't have friends to go with me and u don't want to attend the event on my own. In fact, i don't know how the dress code would be. I don't have nice shoes, nice suit, nice tie, nice bla..bla..bla..oh man!! I am too fuc**ing fussy. Anyway..I hope i can make a decision as i know this event could be very fascinating.

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