Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Beautiful Mailboxes

For those of you who are looking for locking mailboxes but still could not find the right design, size or even colour I am writing this article with the intention to recommend http://www.mailboxixchange.com as the best based on my previous experience. Shortly, the name of the website is mailboxixchange. They have many different designs, colours and sizes. They are very attractive and some of them look very posh. From a modern design to an old fashion design you can get it from them. I have recommended this website to my uncle and he bought a locking mailbox for his new house in Wales. I also recommended this website to my friend who lives in London. Since he is the chairman of the resident association in Woolwich Arsenal he needed lockable mailboxes for his flat in London.

Anyway, let’s talk about the prices. In my opinion, they are not very expensive compared to the quality. It’s about USD30-USD400 for a single mailbox and some of them are a bit more for a better quality. Other than that, they also have address plaques and number for your house and quite cheap. If you not happy with the quality, you don’t have to worry because they do have return policy which allow you to return the product anytime without any hassles. Contact them or get their live help for more detail if you still uncertain about anything.

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