Saturday, 9 October 2010

The candle in my room

I love candles

Can you see my Eiffel tower?

Huh..i am back again today. It was a long and tiring day for me. I went to the class about 10.30 am this morning and got back from school at 6 pm but i had to go to ASDA. I went to ASDA because i needed to buy something for my cooking. Spoon, form, chop board, chopper, toilet tissues, etc...oh man!!! many other things. But nevermind because i was not wasting money but i bought something that i needed.

I bought candles from ASDA and here is a picture of one of the candles. I love the x'mas candles so that's why i bought couple of them. Tmrw i've got a class at 11 am and i need to go to bed now. I spent the my whole day in the LRC doing my reading this afternoon and evening. I cooked at home for myself and a friend of mine Sam. He loved my cooking and he said it was so simple but healthy and nice.

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