Thursday, 28 October 2010

Lady gaga is the first artist reached 1billion view on youtube

Mark down another first for pop singer Lady Gaga, who goes into the record books as the first recording artist to reach one billion views on YouTube."We reached 1 Billion views on youtube little monsters!" she wrote yesterday in a Tweet to her 7 million followers. "If we stick together we can do anything. I dub u kings and queens of youtube! Unite!" . If you're handicapping how long her Ladyship can hang onto her cyber title, keep in mind that Justin Bieber is not far behind with more than 962 million views. Source

Very impressive and I never thought the fact that her page on youtube has reached 1 billion view. This means she is even more popular than Mariah Cery, Withney Hutson or any big pop stars from all over the world. What the heck!!!!! I love Lady gaga and honestly, she is my favorite female singer together with Beyonce, MC, WH, etc. I am still waiting for her next album to be released. She is damn popular and give a huge credit to her song writers and composers. Love most of her songs. She is fucking great artist. Very different and distinctive. Surprisingly, Justin Bieber came the second. I'm not really into this boy. I am sorry but his vocal is very immature to be a singer.

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Stacey Dave said...

Oh yah, I googled her name some weeks ago and found that her name is more popular :)

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