Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The boring Wednesday

The candle in front of the mirror

Boring like studying but of course at certain time i feel i need a break. Next week i've got a test, assignments, projects..arghhh...what a life huh. Never mind...just few months to go then i will finish my master and i probably take a break. I hope i can travel to somewhere. LOL! So last night i was messing around with my camera and some objects in my room. Mmm.....i like candles..but the good smell candles and i like soaps to make sure my room smell fresh. I hate smelly room or funny smell. I like my room smells nice, fresh and good...i don't like to go to someone's room and it smelly..ourgh!!!!! Hate it.


SJB said...

Hahaha you so funny, siapa lah yang suka smelly room hahaha.

Andrik McVean said...

ada bah sjb..kawan sebelah punya room...busuk nie hehhe

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