Monday, 25 October 2010

I am fuc*ing busy arghhhh!!!

OMG!!!! What can I say? I am very very busy at the moment with my study. Doing revision, reading articles, research..bla..bla..bla..arghhhh..i feel a bit depress at the moment. I hope after this week I will be able to hang out with some of my friends and have a drink. DRINK???? I hope not too much. Drinking is sometimes good for your blood circulations. Trust me!!! But not too much beer or wine though. I drink wine only about couple of glasses with friends sometimes. Just for social but never smoke. I mean drinking is acceptable but never smoking. I think smoking is killing yourself than drinking. Some people smoke a lot but don't drink. They actually risking their life more than anything else. Anyway...Not to worry because as far as I concern, people will say as long as i am happy..that's the main thing. TRUE!!!!! I am studying my software engineering methodologies and processes within them. Mmmm...I always like the processes.

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