Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Fuck off the girls

Yeah that's my reaction or the first thing I said to the girls next to me in the library when they were so noisy and at the same time i was so busy concentrating writing my project descriptions. It was very annoying when they never considered about others. I mean they knew the place is a library and it's a place to study not to have a party. Even if they needed for a group discussion they suppose to go to a room discussion.

I have no problem with them apart from the noise they made. There was a PhD student in front of me that time and she was so upset with the three Arabian girls. Oh come on girls, don't make shit. I hated them..so fucking much!!! I felt i just want to slap each of them. I had the exactly the same experience but it was on the bus. There was a group of Arabian girls and made noisy like fuck!!!

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