Sunday, 24 October 2010

The barrels

Hello everybody, I am back again after my long week end and it was a chaos day for because I have to do lots of things for myself. Last night was c chaos for me and my friends at home. Oh my God!!! You know what? There were was no water and we still wonder why. Anyway, we suppose to be able to have a shower at least because of the tank in the ceiling under the roof. Unfortunately, we were three and it was enough only for two persons. The thing is because the tank was too small to keep the amount of water for three people.

Today we have been searching rain barrels for sale on town but we could not find one. It was very pity actually because we need rain barrels because the tank on the ceiling is not enough for us. Therefore we searched these two keywords on google which are rain water barrels and rain harvesting. There were so many websites displayed. We browsed most of them but could not find the right one in the terms of price, quality and the size that we really want. We found simply rain barrels as the best among of them. They not only have very good quality and price but they have the size exactly what we wanted. So we are going to buy our barrel from the company.

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