Friday, 29 October 2010

Cooking time

Ha...look at that.

Busy cooking

Yeah, it was last week end. I went to London to my friend's flat and I cooked for him and the other two friends. I cooked duck, chicken, some vegetables and prawns. Yummy...and so lovely. They liked my cooking very much. Wow...I never thought that i'm not a good chef. I left all my books and notes for about three days and went to London. It was a nice meeting and of course something to remember. One of them was Brazilian and the second guest was a French. Really nice dinner and what surprised me the most is I never thought the French can eat my spicy dishes especially the dish duck. I went to blue water shipping mall to buy my contact lenses and its washer. Later I will post you guys what i did in Blue water shopping mall. BTW Blue water shopping mall is the biggest mall in east London.

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