Monday, 18 October 2010

Blog This! (By Google) review

I'm still not sure how it makes blogging easier

I recently reading, experimenting, installing and trying to play around with Blog This! feature. Apart from it enables you to do a single click and it will pop up a new window with the title provided. What else can you get from this tool? If you want to blog something about what you have read and make a review about it, then you might save one or two action clicks. But if you are an original content creator and you want to blog about you life instead of reading something to get idea, I don't think this tool is useful enough. Mmmmm...after i installed it i uninstalled it a day after because i could not see the main advantage of this feature especially if you want to write something about what happened to you today instead of "this is my review of this article". I saw so many comments complaining they could not install this feature. Well, if you are using google chrome please go to your google chrome setting. Make sure you change it to always pop up to all website. It does work!!!

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