Sunday, 10 October 2010

Oxford Medical Training courses

While I was thinking to further my study in Oxford University for my PhD, a friend of mine was thinking about her medical courses in London. She was thinking to do her Master in medical and she was nervous about the interview coming in four weeks time. Fortunately, I found this website last week when I was searching about something related with teach the teacher. They are a medical training company and there are various courses available such as consultant interview course, medical management courses, and many others. For those who want to be a consultant and wondered what sort of consultant interview questions might be asked, you are welcomed to visit their website.

The website I mentioned is Oxford medical which is one of the UK’s most established providers not only for medical interview skill training but also in medical career development. A day later she rang my mobile phone and thanked to me for telling her the website and she said she feels confident to go for her interview. In fact, she is going to attend her Oxford interview course which is quite reasonable price. Then a month later I asked her how the interview and the course were. She was very happy with it because Oxford medical consultant helped her answering the questions. Now she is doing her master degree in medical.

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