Saturday, 16 October 2010

Gold packages in Myrtle Beach

I have been writing and talking about Myrtle Beach lately because I am thinking to go there for my next summer holiday. Remember in my previous post I said my dad is thinking to play golf even though he left the sport for about ten years now. He is very firm with his decision wants to play golf in Myrtle. So at last I made my research about Myrtle Beach golf packages on google and yahoo. At last I found this site offers very good deals and it does suit exactly what my dad wants.

By browsing their website, you can find out more about Myrtle Beach golf courses and the accommodations. Furthermore, you can book by online or by phone. Find out their phone number by browsing their website. On the other hand, they have five different top packages which are Burroughs and Chapin, Myrtle Beach National, Glens Group, The Cats and Mystical Group. You can select one of them and you can get a very good deal for each of the packages.

Oppss!!! I forgot to mention the website. Silly me! You can browse their website at They have more to offer there and you have to find it by yourself. You would not be disappointed. They have hotel guide for your accommodation, rental car services just in case if you want to drive around and nightlife for clubbing.

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