Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The x-factor

Well, at the moment the X-factor is blasting all over the UK and I am sure even in Asia as well. X factor is very popular here in the UK just like One In a Million (OIAM) and Akademi Fantasia (AF) in Malaysia. But of course different format. Well X-factor is more likely like MENTOR in Malaysia. But i little bit different. Anyway, I am so obsessed with this reality TV show at the moment. I got back from the library about 7.45pm and i had my rest about 15 minutes before i cooked for myself. Exactly 8pm i went downstairs and cooked for myself chicken, vegetables and rice of course. Then, I took my meal upstairs and had it while watching x-factor online. I have watched it but i want to watch it again because I missed some of the acts during the first show. I enjoyed all the acts so much..he..he...so far my favorites are Marry the tesco lady of course, Matt who has a great falsetto voice, Dive fever full of fun, not sure if i like Aiden because he doesn't look friendly, I like treyc, i thought she is fantastic, and i like Paije too. I thought he deserved to be in top 12.

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Stacey Dave said...

OMG, I missed it! Is it still going on? I'll try to blog about this also, seriously. Now very busy setting up my blog...
Too bad Astro doesn't have this show in Msia. You should check out the recent buzz, The Sing Off Season 2 :)

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