Tuesday, 19 October 2010

My Hugo Boss jeans I bought RM499 each

This is my new Hugo Boss jeans I bought last two weeks. Blue colour and very well fitted to my legs. Sometimes, you don't really care about the price you paid because it looks so nice and it fits you exactly how you want. Anyway, I bought this new Hugo Boss jeans because....

Oh by the way this is my previous Hugo Boss jeans I bought about four months ago. Oppss...sorry i have just revealed something. Yes, my waist size is 30cm so far and I used to be 28 before. LOLZ!!!! I am getting fatter and of course i hate it very much.

Arghhhh..my jeans!!!!!!! I was lifting something and i didn't realize there was something sharp in it. I heard "retttttt" and I said "OMG! don't tell me my jeans is torn". Then i quickly look at my jeans and i found it on my knee. OMG!!!! I was fucking upset to myself for being careless. I bought my jeans for just about 5 months and it's still very new. I was very very upset and that's why i did buy another jeans with same brand because i am fan of Hugo Boss

P/s: The price in pounds = about 97 pounds each = RM499 approximately


SJB said...

Tidak apa bah, nampak macam style juga hehehe.

Andrik McVean said...

mmm...but i dont like holie jeans

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