Thursday, 14 October 2010

Blogworld Expo 2010

Wow...look at that!!!! I would like to go for this event but it will be in US not in England or even in Europe. If this event is in London i will definitely go for it and will take so many pictures. I like to meet professional bloggers around the world and like to see and know how they make money by blogging. Wow..some people in the world making money just doing blog. I like to do it!!! But sometimes i was thinking that i was born to be a striver and to be a fighter. Because all what i get at the moment, i had strive for it and it was so hard. Thanks God because i still have the strength to be a worrier in my own world. I hope i still have it until my expiry day. One day,,,if i'm still alive and i'm allowed i will make you proud!!! xxxx


SJB said...

Heran juga kan? macamana orang make money by blogging. Hmmm heran juga. Tapi for me, I blogging just for fun. Saja mahu kasih tengok gambar yang saya ambil hehehehe.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Excellent career. I didn't expect this over a Wednesday. This is a superb narrative. With thanks!

Andrik McVean said...

@sjb-some of them making thousands a month
@@anon-wow...did u attend it? i hope you enjoyed yourself

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