Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Stay tuned with me, more stories coming up next

Ho..ho..ho..I have been writing so many posts but I can't publish them all. So what I did was scheduling them to a certain period of time. So most probably, what you will be reading next is my auto publish post. I might be very busy a few days time so i don't have time to update my blog. But thanks God because I managed to discovered blogspot's auto publish feature. I think this is very good innovation from google huh. I'm at the moment getting very busy with my study especially with my modules because I've got assignments, tests, projects, discussions, etc. So much...and the weather is getting cold here in the UK. I never thought it's gonna be as quick as this but this is UK. The weather changes every single minute. Anyway, I should not be moaning with this country as i am living here and would like to stay here for a little bit longer. I like the pounds!!!!!!!!!!!! Now you can say i am money minded lolz!

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