Saturday, 16 October 2010 and ManggaOnline Ad

ManggaOnline Ad

Well, i found these two new websites. The first one is a social network and the second one is make money by blogging. He..he..he..I'm not sure how successful are they but it seems like they have to do a lot of effort in order to compete with some other social networks on the internet which are even more popular such as facebook, myspace and friendster. But among these 3 facebook is the most popular and probably friendster is already very old. ManggaOnline Ad is different because they have to compete with Nuffnang which is very popular in Malaysia at the moment and covering Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. Well, i don't know how good are they because i never tried but i probably will try within this week or next week. See my review about them in a week time.

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