Saturday, 16 October 2010

I am Obsess with Organic Chocolate bars

Sorry for the shaky picture

Organic chocolates are very good for you. They might be a bit expensive but it's good for your body. They not as fattening as like non-organic chocolates. Mmmm...I went to an organic shop with no intention to buy. I wondered what this shop does or sells. I went into the shop and looked around. Mmm..interesting. Do you speak organic? I remember this one! Anyway..then I saw those different chocolates. Wow...I thought i might give it a try. I bought three bars of chocolates different flavors. I tried one of them when I get back at home and WOW!!! What a taste???? Loved it so much!!! I think you should try organic chocolates. They taste very different compared to the others. The taste is smooth and the sweetness is not very strong.

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