Wednesday, 20 October 2010

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Costume Shopping: My Story

Contribution by German Flowers

Halloween is easily my favorite holiday. I plan nearly year round what my costume will be for the next and how to out do the last Halloween.

The process is easy, once you know how. The first step is deciding what costume to buy. I like to think of movies I've seen that year and get inspiration from there. Historical figures, or fairytale characters are also among my favorites.

The next step is finding the store you want to find all of your components at. Personally, I like They have a huge variety, along with reviews from other customers on all costumes and they are very clear about what all comes with the costume you like as well as the price of additional accessories. If you don't have time to wait for it to be shipped, somewhere like American Costume or Party City are great options as well.

Keep in mind, you can rent a pricey more elaborate costume so you aren't shelling out hundreds of dollars.

Lastly, its good to have someone to come with for a second opinion. I like going shopping with my husband who is also a big Halloween aficionado. Before leaving on our quest, we always set our home security alarm from, you can never be to safe.

Halloween is your chance to be anyone you want so have fun.

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