Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Kadus customs - black and gold are symbol of quality

In action my sister in Promonade Hotel

I got up very early today because I went to be about 9 pm last night. Well, I was tired!! As a result I woke up at 4 am today which was unusual for me. Ha..ha..ha.. Anyway, my sister sent me an email about her performance, singing "Adaa" a couple of nights ago at Promonade Hotel in Sabah. She wore Kadus customs that time and of course she got lots of attentions from the people in the hall. Anyway, if you look closely, they are mainly black and gold colours which are unsual. It brings high quality symbol and of course don't forget the silver colour on every edge of the customs. The customs worth about 500 pounds and of course if you take them to the tailors or shops they will charge you thousands pounds. So, that's how girl's customs are. How about the boys? Mmmm...that's probably my turn. lol!

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