Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Video Converter

I am thinking to buy a new Mac laptop. In my previous post I did mention about how I'm falling in love with Mac. I am using my three years Acer laptop and I do not want to give it to someone else because I love this laptop. The only problem is I don't like the operating system. It's Vista and everybody hate Vista. It's Slow, Ugly and just unreliable. Anyway, I hope I will get my Mac laptop very soon. One of the software that I was looking for last night was a Video Converter software for my Vista and hopefully for my Mac.

I took a little bit longer for to find a Video Converter for Mac. Having said that, at least I found it and now I can buy my Mac. Oh God!! I can't wait to get my Mac laptop. I dreamt it almost every night ha..ha..ha..Last week, a friend of mine told me if I buy my Mac this month online I will get free iPad. This offer sounds very interesting and it's really tempting. This means I have to find an iPad Video Converter. At last I found this website which offers very various video converters. You can use it for free with limited functionalities or buy it with only $29.95 to get full access with the functionalities.

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