Saturday, 2 July 2011

1000 years church in UK

It was just a small church but the age is older than many buildings in the UK

In front of the main entrance

When i was going back from Wales to London couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine told me that there is a church near by his dad's house which is 1000 years old. And i was like. What??? really??? Then we had probably 10 minutes. I just managed to take couple of pictures of mine with the church. I must say this is the oldest building i ever seen in flesh. Everything was so old and the history is very interesting. So many people buried around this church even though it was just a small ones!

P/s: When i was there i was imagining so many things had happened around the church in 1000 years.


Firdaus Life said...

uik 1000 years.. cool

Jangan Kalot said...

amazing travel!

Suhazli said...

wow!!imagine if i could be there.. ermmm..

Frances said...

By the time that this church needs renovations, the services of party wall surveyors would definitely be needed.

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