Thursday, 7 July 2011

Dr.Jungle's seafood in France

This is Salmon..i bet in Malaysia for this portion the price will be more tan RM 40++
They call it longesten (if i spell it correctly)

These are delicious and i want more :)

The starter...lovely

Hello there, i'm back again after been so busy packing my stuffs going back to Sabah in few days time. It has been a very busy and hectic day for me. I have spoken to mum on phone this afternoon and she wanted me to go back as soon as possible. Even though i have to go back to the UK in the middle of August but she doesn't mind as long as i can go back to Sabah ASAP. Anyway, Here are some memories when i was in France. Probably France has much better coice of food compared to English food. I had the chance to try French's seafood last year in one of the restaurants in Calais. Wow!!!!! The location of the restaurant is very stratigic as it facing the harbour and guess what??? Almost every evening you can see a sunset from your table where you having your dinner. That's fantastic!!!!!!! So enjoy the pictures and i certainley enjoyed my time when i was having my dinner while having my dinner.

I can't remember how much the total price i guess it's about RM 100 ++ per person. It was a bit expensive for Malaysian people to eat here but.....hey don't convert to Ringgit..Just enjoy the food!


Jacqueline Natasia Jee said...

hahhaah totally agree with u.. i just love to enjoy the food. T___T

chegu carol said...

Hi, hi! Hop over here from Borneo Bloggers FB Page.

The food looks yum. I would have try it too if I have the chance. Bila lagi mau try authentic French cuisine if not at its own place kan...kalau mau try the food here in Msia, Sabah in particular..memang menangis mau tingu dia punya bill. :)

Lelaki Ini said...

nampak bess saja..hehe..

zarul farhana said...

cm best ja...baca entry belajar bhasa english lak...hehheh

MIQA said...

Omai ~ dat sea food look so nice. =3

belogkiter said...

i feel like want to break my diet

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