Friday, 8 July 2011

Ikan masin ikan salai made by English people

Look at the..they look so delicious and look so hygienic
Ikan masin in english they called it Kipper...i love kipper

Look...they look really nice and very well arranged

I remembered when i first come to the UK a friend of mine ask me whether i eat kipper or not then i said yes i do. Well it was very funny actually because i didn't know what kipper was that time. Then i just pretending that i know what kipper is and i do eat them. Then when it came on a plate i said to myself "This is ikan masin lah...hahahahahaha...". My british friend said well, there you go..try how british home made kipper. LOL!!! Because i translated ikan masin to english literally then i said to him in Malaysia we called this as salted fish. Well, because the taste is masin lah!!! That's why i just simply translated it to salted fish. It's actually not a salted fish but kipper. Then till now i remember that ikan masin is kipper but not salted fish. Another funny thing about kipper is i never seen how malaysian people process the fish and what sort of machine or tools do they use to make ikan masin or kipper. But in the UK kipper is very popular by just hanging the fish in the kipper house and let the smoke dried them out. It's actually very simple process but i don't like fact that we need to clean the fish before we put them in the kipper house.

p/s: Dr.Jungle loves ikan masin a.k.a kippers....if i put some chilies and lemon..yumm..yum...


niena shopping2u said...

fuyyo cam best je, leh hantar sini x?

Ieka Luvika said...

woah! rasa dia same ke? huee

tia @ Ini Kisah Tia said...

hahaa . kipper ka ? kenapa tak bagitau je ikan masin kat dorang .. hik3x ..

btw , kipper sedap even makan dengan nasi kosong . nyummy :)

Mawar Berduri said...

put some lime... and...

perghhh. delicious!

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