Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My Visit to Edinburgh, Scotland

The main street..it was about 6pm this time

It was cold when i was visiting this city

The city is very clean and well arranged not like KL, so dirty!

I think this is the church

Street entertainers

As you can see even in the small road it still look clean

Expensive to do shopping tho

Edinburgh's back street

I like this..i forgot the name but it looks like a temple isn't it?

Here are some of the pictures were taken when i was in Edinburgh when i was in Scotland. If England has London, Wales with its Cardiff and France with Paris..then Scotland with Edinburgh. A lovely city to visit when coming to the UK. Most of the buildings are ancient and very old. They are hundreds years but still look well. If you go to this city you will feel like you are in in 1920 ish city because everything is so old here. It reminds me about typical English movies such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Ring. The buildings look like in the movies. This city is very clean but it's a bit expensive. I remember i went to a Thai restaurant and ordered a duck dish with steamed rice. I paid about 20 pounds (RM 100) for that simple dinner and i walked out from the restaurant with hungry stomach. Anyone have been to Scotland before????


Keluargaku Syurgaku said...

cantiknya bandar Edinburgh....

aliya atina said...

hi , just wanna know how u can go to london :D hoho , r u in any University now ?

Diana Diane Teo said...

Scotland is awesome and marvellous. I love this city too as I had been there during my summer course in United Kingdom.

Feel free to drop by my travel & living blog and follow if you like it. Have a great day

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