Sunday, 24 July 2011

My Jaco a.k.a monkey friend

Just had his swim
Jaco is walking to the stream where he usually have his swim
Now he is waiting for his banana
Jaco is adorable even i know some people don't like monkeys
Jaco is a lovely monkey

Jako is my nephew's friend. My nephew is 8 years old and Jaco is always with him at home. The funny thing is the fact that jack is unlike the other monkeys you may have know because Jaco is the only monkey that can swim and also can have a bath even a shower. His furs are very smooth because he takes his bath every day and sometimes twice a day. Here are some collections of Jaco's pictures.


Suhazli said...

yup!bukan semua org suka monyet..huhu!tp jacko ni comel la pulak..

Jo Qusary said...

Jaco eh? In some parts of Malaysia, people call their monkey friends Michael :)

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