Sunday, 10 July 2011

All are packed. I'm ready to go back to Sabah

These are all i need

It has been a very busy day for Dr.Jungle as well today because i need to do and finalise all my stuffs. I need to make sure what should i bring with me and what should i leave here. Then after hours doing this things at last i managed to packed everything and now i think i am ready for the journey. Honestly i do like flying but i don't like when it when the journey is quite long. Probably the longest i could take is 6 hours then i need a break. But this time one more time i have to do 12 and half hours journey. Arghhhh!!! I know this gonna be terrible for me as i don't like it. Sometimes it could be very painful especially your back and legs. But what to do? Everything is very last minute and i have no choice. Nevermind, i will plan in advance in the future.

p/s: thinking to take pill tidur while on the plan :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, nice 2 now u. R u sabahan ?

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